19 November, 2009

A frustrated blogger's poem (Part 1)

This is my first attempt at poetry that I could not publish on Facebook due to character-limit on messages. You see, after losing Blog-a-ton by "mere 6 votes", I am thoroughly frustrated; and, like a modern-day Devdas, I have taken to poetry. I would have preferred alcohol, but I am born in a religion that abhors alcoholism. To make that worse, I ended up in a job that doesn't leave much in my bank. I am in an exotic place called Cyprus as I blog this - and headed for Dubai for another deal. With nothing much to do, I am also reflecting back at the absolute partisanship behavior of the fellow-bloggers who refused to vote for my post, outrageous though it was!! But, that is for later...

Below is the poem, initially "designed" for my Facebook friends....

Oh my dear friends!!
Your anger will hit a new high
My poetry may make you cry

Between Turkey and Cyprus
There's a great wall
That may never fall!!

Oh Gandhi!! I recall your adviszus
As I get ported to Dubai from Cyprus
For a deal as old as Tyrannosaur-Rex
I am back to ONE Gandhian principle
Of ABSTINENCE, and that's from marital sex

My poetry is not great
Nor is it the best
My FB friends will advise on net-iquette
Others will say "Don't irritate"

CONTRIBUTE FOR A HUMANITARIAN CAUSE: If you feel that the absurdity of this poem will make other poets feel proud of themselves, you can promote this post here or here or here...


Tavish Chadha said...

rofl... that sure is the wierdest piece of poetry i have seen... but it did make me laugh... so what the hell... LOVE IT! :)


Talking Skull said...

Thanks Tavish. Sometimes, the fact that you have nothing worthwhile to do can extract the "rarest of talents" that you may (or may not) have.... :-)

Kshitij said...

wow...love it... I want to try my hand too... nonsense poetry right? (I'm sorry if your thing made sense that I could not locate). Here goes my random 3 minute job:

I see taiga I see tundra,
Shilpa is seen with raj kundra,

No party till late midnight,
Become fat and jeans become tight,

Patrick Patrick where's rafter,
excuse me, who are you after?

I am sulking in the silky way,
I am breathing in the milky way,

Ok time to end this nonsense,
Like you, even I am tense.

Good night.

Talking Skull said...

Hey buddy. You are back after quite some time. Needless to say, you got me laughing again.... :-)

No doubt poets are out of fashion since poetry is such an easy job... :-P

BTW, what happened to your 'next post'?? Waiting... waiting... waiting...

Kshitij said...

Hey. Yes... been a lot of days since I posted... One idea is ready... rough draft is ready... I think I can get you the article in next 4 days. Feels great to know someone is waiting... and that too, three times.

Anonymous said...

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